Explore the Form: La Ronde – March/April 2015

COURSE: Explore the Form: La Ronde
WHEN: 7-9pm Tuesday evenings 17 March to 28 April 2015 (6 weeks, excluding Easter Tuesday)
LOCATION: Inner west, Sydney, Australia
TEACHER: Pete Lead

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This 6 week course will develop your skills in creating characters and relationships with depth, initiating and heightening scenes, and will give you extensive experience experimenting with and performing the La Ronde form. Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of the format and will have developed the ability to play deeper and more complex character and relationship focused scenes.

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Inside Long Form Improvisation – Level 1 (Advanced) – Mar/Apr 2015

COURSE: Inside Long Form Improvisation – Level 1 (advanced)
WHEN: 7-10pm Monday evenings 2 March 2015 through 27 April (8 weeks, excluding Easter Monday 6 April)
LOCATION: Inner west, Sydney, Australia
TEACHER: Richard Bennett

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This fun and information rich course covers an extensive range of material, and will provide actors and improvisors with a more grounded, holistic and actor based approach to long form improvisation than is taught anywhere else. It will forever change the way you look at improv, even if you’ve already been doing it for years.

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Inside Long Form Improvisation – Level 2 (Advanced) – August 2014

This workshop is now full.

This 8 week course focuses on advanced scenework for long form improv. You’ll learn how scenes work on the inside, what makes a good scene, how to discover a great scene in a bad one, and a bunch of acting and related skills you won’t learn in other workshops.

The class size is intentionallly small to allow many hours performing and exploring scenes and new techniques, and includes lots of personal feedback and coaching.

To apply for this course you must have either completed my Inside Long Form Improvisation Level 1 (Advanced), or have initially learnt to improvise in Chicago, L.A., New York or similar.

Course begins 26 August 2014 and runs for 3 hours each Tuesday evening at 7pm for 8 weeks, at a cost of $245 INC GST.

Note that The Harold will not be taught or performed in this course.

David Razowsky improv workshop Sydney 21 July 2014

This workshop is now full.

David Razowsky is one of the top teachers of theatrical improvisation and acting, and will be the most experienced Chicago improvisor ever to teach a workshop in Sydney. He was Artistic Director of Second City LA for many years, and has worked with iO, Steppenwolf, Dreamworks, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago, and of course Second City, amongst many others. He’s been called “the guru of improvisation, and an improvisor’s improvisor”, who connects the mindfulness of Buddhism with improvisation’s core principals of being in the moment, taking care of your partner, and groundedness.

David Razowsky’s CV

We are very lucky to have him for a single 3 hour workshop in Sydney on the evening of Monday 21 July 2014, as a quick stop over on his way back from Improvention. This unique workshop will focus on Dave’s passion for presence and groundedness, but will also be tailored to the Sydney improvisors who come to the workshop, so it won’t be the same as Improvention if you’re already booked into those.

The cost is $70 INC GST, and he’s limited the number of participants to 16 so you get more working with Dave time.

If you want to come to this workshop, then please send your interest through our contact form. Minimum level of experience is roughly the first few levels of Impro Australia’s courses, or equivalent improvisation in acting experience, but Dave tells us he’s very flexible. Whatever level you’re at, you will get something out of this course. Some knowledge of Chicago style preferred, but not required. If you’ve done our Inside Long Form Improvisation course then you are uniquely positioned to get the most out of Dave’s workshop.

Spaces will fill up very quickly, so act now or you will miss out. Dave only has time for one workshop before he flies back to the U.S., so this is it.

Feel free to send this to anyone else who might be interested. But we recommend only after you’ve booked yourself in first! :-)

Inside Long Form Improvisation course – starts February 2014

COURSE: Inside Long Form Improvisation
WHEN: Monday evenings 10 Feb 2014 through to 31 Mar 2014 inclusive (8 weeks).
LOCATION: Inner west of Sydney, Australia
TEACHER: Richard Bennett

What will it cover?

This fun and information rich course will: provide you with a more grounded and holistic approach to long form improvisation than is taught elsewhere; introduce and experiment with the core principles of the various styles of long form improvisation (many of which aren’t taught in Sydney); identify and help you unlearn incorrect techniques that you may have learnt in other workshops/courses and that are most likely holding you back; and will spend a lot of time improvising and perfecting scene work. Whatever your skill level or experience, you will definitely learn something, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. There will also be an opportunity to form an ongoing performance troupe once the course is completed.

The class size will be small, and the course will be adapted to the skill levels of the participants. A minimum level of actor improvisation training or impro/improv experience is required, roughly equivalent to the first level of Impro Australia’s long form impro course (so go do that now, and tell them I sent you!). This course does not replace or compete with Impro Australia’s long form impro courses, but dives deeper into long form improv techniques, including those not regularly taught in Australia, and Richard’s own long form philosophy.

A few selected testimonials

“I’ve been to second city, I’ve had a lot of training. I rate Richard as one of the best coaches I’ve had” – Brett Jacobs

“Richard’s easy and thoughtful teaching style encourages participants to explore Chicago Longform Improvisation in a very meaningful, fun and productive way” – Anne McGrath

“Richard’s coaching helped me realise that there are offers happening every second in a scene” – Seamus McAlary

Improv for Actors – starts Oct 9

Our new Improv for Actors course is a 7-week intensive designed with actors in mind.  This course will provide you with invaluable tools that you can use in auditions, rehearsal, and performance.

With more and more directors and casting agents throwing improv into the audition mix, you can’t afford to be caught out.  Being able to improvise may be the difference between getting that role, and hearing an indifferent “Next!”.  So be prepared, to be unprepared!