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David Razowsky improv workshops Sydney October 2017

This workshops is no longer available.

Master improvisor and teacher David Razowsky returns one more time to Sydney in late October to present two specially selected workshops. A master improvisor and teacher of theatrical improvisation and acting, David is the most experienced Chicago improvisor ever to teach in Sydney. His first visits to Sydney a few years ago had a huge impact on the community, and this visit will do the same. These will be the only workshops David is doing in Sydney, and will sell out quickly.David Razowsky

David will be giving a full day workshop on Sunday 29 October 2017 consisting of two of his classic workshops: change and the Jerry chart, and sharpening your point of view. This is an amazing opportunity to work with David consistently over a full day.

  • Revelations. A scene doesn’t change unless someone in it changes. How do you know you’ve changed, and how can you spot an emotional change? Get in touch with that inner alert that tells you it’s time to take the next step in the action.
  • Sharpen your Point of View. The very first exchanges of your scene tell you all you need to know about who you are and where to emotionally and energetically go. Are you aware of that? Are you listening to yourself at that time? This workshop will guide you to your point of view, and have you following yourself confidently, bravely, excitedly, and easily. It’s as simple as that!

David will also be giving a 3 hour evening workshop on Wednesday 25 October 2017.

  • Expose your UnderWhere. One of the first things to escape you when you hit that stage is your “where,” the objects around you, and, well, you know why: because you’re thinking about “where to put things.” This workshop’ll connect you to everything that’s already there, freeing you from thinking and encouraging you to see, helping you explore relationships and create characters in ways you’ve never done before.

Each workshop is strictly limited to 16 people so you get more Dave time. (well, 15, because I’ve already bought mine)

The full day workshop is $249 INC GST, and the evening workshop is $129 INC GST. We’re also offering a 15% discount if you book both workshops, for a total cost of only $321 INC GST.

If you want to come to these workshops, then apply using the form below.

David Razowsky was Artistic Director of Second City LA for many years, and has worked as director, performer and in various consultancy roles with companies such as iO, Annoyance, Steppenwolf, Dreamworks, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago. He was also a staff writer for The Simpsons Comic and The Simpsons Sunday, and of course directed and performed with the Second City main stage (with his fellow cast members including Steve Carrel, Stephen Colbert and Jeff Garlin) and Second City touring companies. He’s been called “the guru of improvisation, and an improvisor’s improvisor”, who connects mindfulness with improvisation’s core principals of being in the moment, taking care of your partner, and groundedness. Basically, he rocks, and his CV is way too long.

David Razowsky’s CV

Feel free to send this to anyone else who might be interested. But we recommend only after you’ve booked yourself in first!