Inside Long Form Improvisation

  • Level 1 (Advanced) – Styles and techniques (what your teachers never told you)
  • Level 2 (Advanced) – Scene work
  • Level 3 (Advanced) – Forms

Run every few months, these 8 week courses will:

  • provide you with a more grounded and holistic approach to long form improvisation;
  • highlight and experiment with the core principles of the various styles of long form improvisation;
  • identify and help you unlearn incorrect techniques that are likely holding you back; and
  • will spend a lot of time improvising and perfecting scene work.

Whatever your skill level or experience, you will definitely learn something, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. There will also be the potential for forming an ongoing performance troupe once each course is completed.

The class sizes are small by design, and they are adapted to the skill levels of the participants. A minimum level of actor training or improvisation experience is required. These courses are designed to teach the more actor relevant Chicago style of improvisation, based on the techniques of Stanislavski, Viola Spolin and Del Close.

Chicago style improvisation is misunderstood in Australia, and many organisations offer what long form improv courses which are really a mix of different incompatible styles. Our courses are the only ones in Australia which teach the differences between styles, with a particular focus on the Chicago styles used by Second City, iO and UCB.

A few testimonials from previous participants:

  • “I’ve been to second city, I’ve had a lot of training. I rate Richard as one of the best coaches I’ve had [..]” – Brett Jacobs
  • “Richard is a great instructor and brings a lot of heart to what he does. He is also a walking encyclopedia of improv terms, and is passionate about the art. If you want to learn to cut the bullshit in your improv, you should do his class.” – Karena Thomas
  • “Richard’s easy and thoughtful teaching style encourages participants to explore Chicago Longform Improvisation in a very meaningful, fun and productive way.” – Anne McGrath
  • “Richard’s coaching helped me realise that there are offers happening every second in a scene.” – Seamus McAlary