Jonathan Briden

improv teacherJonathan is a teacher, passionate about the art of improvisation.  His love of improv began in New Zealand in 1987 when he was introduced to TheatreSports® by a friend at university.  Since then he has been performing, studying, teaching and directing improv.

In 1994, Jonathan moved to Australia and joined the improv community in Sydney.  The following year he teamed up with Jay Laga’aia, Gep Bartlett, and Ronan McChesney, to compete in the Cranston Cup as the team Mission Improv-ible.  M.I. took the competition by storm, blowing away the opposition to take the title in front of a packed Enmore Theatre.  Since then Jonathan has appeared in 10 Cranston Cup finals.

Jonathan has been fortunate to train under some of the world’s finest teachers, including Keith Johnstone (Loose Moose), Jason Chin (IO Chicago), Per Gottfredson (Stockholm Improv Theatre),  Bobbi Block (Comedy Sportz Philadelphi), and Marko Mustac (Impro Australia).

In more recent years Jonathan has focused his attention more on long-form improvisation, and was instrumental in the creation of the long-form scene in Sydney.  In 2011-2012 he took a sabbatical in Canada, where he performed with Loose Moose in Calgary, and established his own improv company in Fernie, BC.

Jonathan has a love of improvisation that is infectious, and an in-depth knowledge of improvisation techniques that make him one of Sydney’s finest teachers.


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What others say…

Jonathan knows improv the way a deer knows the forest; it’s his natural habitat. Jonathan is very casual and relaxed when it comes to teaching improv because he can instantly and easily draw on his vast knowledge and experience. Studying improv was an emotional experience for me because I was really walking away from my comfort zone to fully participate. Sometimes I would be elated, and other times deeply frustrated, and Jonathan embraced it all with no judgement.

Kerri Wall, Improv Fernie, Canada

I was lucky enough to take classes with Jon when he was in Canada. I had such a good time. He really took care of the improvisers. He opened my eyes up to a whole new assortment of games and techniques. Would I take another class of his? Yes!

Quinn Contini, Loose Moose, Calgary