Richard Bennett

Richard has a diverse portfolio of skills and experience, including film and radio, as well as directing, producing, performing, and teaching improvisation. He’s been the driving force behind Chicago style long form improvisation and the understanding of it in Sydney for many years.

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Jonathan Briden

Jonathan is a teacher, passionate about the art of improvisation.  His love of improv began in New Zealand in 1987 when he was introduced to TheatreSports by a friend at university.  Since then he has been performing, studying, teaching and directing improv.

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Pete Lead

Pete Lead has been improvising since 1998, straying from Theatresports into creating improvised sketch, long form improv, and Sydney’s first-ever improv festival in the mid-naughts. In 2006 he co-directed Like There’s No Tomorrow, Sydney’s first long form show based on La Ronde, developing the format with his co-director and the cast. He has long form improv in his blood, and is a highly popular teacher and coach in Sydney’s improv community.

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Tony Starr

Tony is a writer and improvisor who specializes in both written and improvised sketch, having trained in the Conservatory at Second City and UCB. He’s spent many years in the L.A. sketch community, where he wrote for IO West’s Top Story Weekly, The Second City’s Second City This Week, The Second City Show Pretty in Pink Slips, and the video sketch team, Sketch Federation. He’s also been featured on Funny or Die.

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