ITC runs courses on improvisation for all levels of experience.

We do not teach beginners, we start at more advanced levels, so our level numbers don’t match the same level numbers used by other schools. Our Level 1 is an intermediate/advanced level corresponding roughly to after Impro Australia’s Level 3.

Full attendance and course completion gets you on our internal newsletter and 10% discount on course repeats.

Current Courses

Inside Long Form Improvisation

This course will take you through the core principles of long form improvisation as a craft in itself, not just as a “do longer scenes” add-on to Theatresports. Providing lots of performance time and personal coaching, you will explore and understand the significant differences between the various different styles of improvisation, particularly the various Chicago styles, which are not taught in Sydney and which are better suited to long form improvisation.

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Explore the Form: La Ronde

This 6 week course will develop your skills in creating characters and relationships with depth, initiating and heightening scenes, and will give you extensive experience experimenting with and performing the La Ronde form. Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of the format and will have developed the ability to play deeper and more complex character and relationship focused scenes.

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Past Courses

Improv for Actors

slateImprovisation is a vital skill for working actors to have in their repertoire.  It is increasingly common in auditions for actors to be asked to improvise a scene, and improvisation also provides many advantages in both rehearsal and performance.  Being in the moment, being present, and connecting with the other character, are all imperative to a good performance, and there is no better way to master these skills than through improvisation.

The Improv for Actors course has been created with you, the actor, in mind.

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