Omar Argentino Galván impro workshops Sydney November 2017

This workshop is now closed.

We’re very excited to present an improvisation workshop that‘s a little different. On Saturday 11 November 2017, international guest teacher Omar Argentino Galván will present his popular Impro Big Band Assembly workshop for multiple artistic disciplines, based on the groundbreaking Soundpainting techniques of Walter Thompson.Impro Big Band logo

Come and learn some of these unique directing and performance techniques, and participate in what is effectively part workshop and part improvised multi-disciplinary artistic event, for dancers, singers, poets, improvisors and musicians.

While this workshop is primarily for improvisors, if you play an instrument as well then please bring it along. If you can dance, then make sure you bring your feet.

When: Saturday 11 November, 1pm to 4pm

Where: tbc, Erskineville

Cost: $80 INC GST

Where will you say you were, on the day Omar Argentino Galván came to town?

Soundpainting and improvised conducting

Originally developed in the 1970s and 80s, Walter Thompson created a sign language of more than 200 gestures for composing music in real time with improvising musicians, which he later adapted for other domains such as dance and acting, with audience participation and reincorporation/callbacks. Omar has taken this even further for theatrical improvisation (impro/improv)—improvised scenes, with music, singing, soundscapes, dance and audience interaction.

Who is Omar Argentino Galván?

Omar Argentino Galvan is based in Madrid, and has been touring his improvisation workshops around the world since 2000. His work is characterised by poetic scenes and a magical realism and theatrical narrative not often used in theatrical improvisation. This is his first trip to Australia, and he’ll only be in Sydney for 3 days. This is the only workshop he’s giving.